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Dust Collector Filter Bags

Through our partnership with World Wide, we are able to procide superior quality dist collector bags, as well as custom products such as flow socks, filter belts, and plate and frame cloths in various types of media and configurations.

Air Filters

We offer  a complete range fo air filtration from standard pleated, fiberflass, and polyester residential type filters to HEPA, turbine and ASHRAE cartridge filters.

Pleated Paper Elements

Our supply chain in pleated paper filter cartridges will offer you a very competitive price without giving up quality.


Pleated Synthetics

We have a complete line of pleated synthetics that will replace any configuration and style. In addition to that, our supplier is available to assist you with all technical support questions and solutions.

Sintered Metal

We carry a full line of sintered metal element options in a wide micron range. We also have the capability to ultrasonically clean and refurbish your existing elements for a considerable cost savings.

Vessels and Housings

We offer filter housings for all applications. We can provide you with replacement parts as well as new vessels and even custom vessels designed for your particular needs. We also have a fleet of rental vessels if you may have a short term need.

Sewn End Elements

We have a complete fabrication facility to build radial fin elements and repair and recover your existing sewn end elements.


Molded End Elements

We can supply you with a complete line of molded end filter elements in all types of media and sizes.


Resin Bonded Cartridges

We offer a line of resin bonded filter cartridges that are available in all micron and lengths and have proven to perform as well as and better than leading competitors in all applications and offer considerable savings.

Wound Filters

We can supply you with high quality wound filters in various media and sizes. These elements are a low cost option with a diverse application ability.

Dust Collector Cartridges

We have a diverse line of dust collector cartridges with a variety of media such as cellulose/ synthetic blend.

Liquid Filter Bags

We carry a complete line of micron rated liquid filter bags with the ability to replace all other brands.

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